Tshikovha Green and Climate Change Advocates Pty Ltd is a specialist Environmental Problem-solving company which assist clients with applications for Environmental Authorizations, Waste Licences, Mining Permits and Rights. We’ve developed deep expertise in core areas of Environmental Impact Assessment, Waste management strategies, Mining rights applications and Public Participation. Our approach to project is guided by the Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998, Waste Management Act 59 of 2008 and associated national Air Quality ace and Water Act. This are fundamental frameworks of our services. 

In our business, Culture, Ethics and Morals are key disciplines central to our brand functional, operational and business model approach to all our customers. We have a culture of discipline and innovation embodies within commitment. We do not compromise unity and teamwork so we can tap into our diverse skills within the company and we collaborate with our clients and specialists to Co-Opt skills. We do not invest time and energy in competition.

While we’re not a creative agency lacking gumption, we are wary of diluting our abilities. In our chosen fields, our skills and commitment run deep. This specialisation reflects a basic truth of creativity and craftsmanship. No-one can be good at everything. In our experience, ‘one stop shops’ often sell faulty goods. We’re not a jack of all trades. We’re Master of Communication, whatever the medium. We’re a creative agency that provides tailor-made, not off-the-peg, solutions.

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