Our Story

It was in 2016 when we observed many customers coming to our offices were wither shortchanged or their work is taking forever. We realised that most companies were struggling
with the transition of legislations for mining applications from Mineral and Petroleum
Development Act 28 of 2002 to National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998. We
felt the need to stand for our customers and close the gaps for presence service provision
guided by putting the client needs ahead of our purpose of existence.
Our biggest focus is to ensure our clients understand the need to comply with environmental
legislations and build their business models around compliance to improve their reputation.
We provide Clarity through understanding of the scope as per client proposal and we apply
empathy to respond to the need for the process. Our commitment to our clients is guided by
our knowledge of the industry, process, and expertise.
We do not take the project without detailed understanding of the project scope and the client
challenges so we create a promise around certainty that we are able to deliver the solution
and address the challenges faced. We take lead in our role and provide leadership and we are
that company that says, we understand your challenges and we will take full responsibility
to provide solution. We have been successful in our work because we rely on authentic
communication and commit to change our client lives

Ever since we have established the company we have achieved many success for projects
in various sectors:

• 4 Mining Rights successful applied with all specialists studies
• 7 Filling stations were approved
• 16 Mining Permits were approved
• 40 Sites were audits
• 16 Roads Environmental approvals
• 60 Graduates Integrated to working environment for experience purposes