Our Model

 Our business models around customer service that is guided by 4 Universals: 

No Defects service: We are not a product business, but our services must be done within framework of the law and timelines and should be able to bring desired results because we have a team with diverse skills to tackle and environmental challenge

Service timelines:
When we provide proposal or quotation, we provide detailed requirements and specific programme to ensure we are held accountable for our commitment to timelines. Our customers are guaranteed timelines from the date of agreement

We are strict with our work, yet we put our caring attitude in the forefront of our values. All our employees have been taught we are human before our careers as such customers make our careers

Empathy: We listen to hear our clients and understand their needs

Our Vision

We advise our clients to comply with environmental legislations and we help apply for environmental approvals for our clients to implement their projects in a sustainable manner and within time.

Our Philosophy

We listen to learn from our clients so that our services respond to their environmental challenges.

Our massive transformation purposes

Our purpose is to unite the world to address environmental challenges through avoiding creating products, prevent use of products and disposing products that are dangerous to environment to create a healthy environment for all. We achieve our purpose through ensuring our customers understand possible impact or their business to the environment through out each business activity and guide with the environmental requirements to be complied with by all.

We identify individuals, companies, mining houses and government institutions whose business proposals and project plans requires environmental authorisation before commencement and offer proposal to be the company of choice to conduct the studies as platform for application for Environmental Authorization, Waste licence or Mining right or permit and Water Use licence.

Our strategic objectives

Through clients’ engagements we can understand environmental gaps and determine environmental legislative requirements. We ensure our clients know and understand what they are solving when conducting studies and audits.
We offer sustainable environmental solution and our services are aimed at a success, we have successfully completed all application and obtained environmental authorization. Our success relies deeply in our empathetic culture where we understand the value of business opportunity and build our environmental solution with opportunity in mind.

We champion environmental advocacy through our relationships with authorities that have been entrusted with environmental protection and we help educate clients on no go areas. We create conversational platforms with authorities to help guide in environmental legislations

Our Work

Tshikovha Green and Climate Change Advocates Pty Ltd is a specialist Environmental Problem- solving company which assist clients with applications for Environmental Authorizations, Waste Licences, Mining Permits and Rights. We’ve developed deep  expertise  in  core  areas of Environmental Impact Assessment, Waste management strategies, Mining rights applications and Public Participation. Our approach to project is guided by the Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998, Waste Management Act 59 of 2008 and associated national Air Quality ace and Water Act. This are fundamental frameworks of our services.

TGCCA offers services that are aimed at influencing Environmental compliance throughout client’s business value chain. We acknowledge the government wish to accelerate development and creation of sustainable jobs and we believe our collaborative approach offers opportunity to investors, government, companies and anyone planning a development to involve us throughout the business value chain

Our services ranges from advisory, consulting, monitoring and implementation on environmental requirements at different stages of projects

Our Business Process

    Our Social Mission    

Environmental Management is our Just Cause. Each year we partner with different organizations to clean up environment and plant trees and create awareness on waste management and recycling. We have worked with Department of Environmental Affairs, Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development, Coca Cola Beverages South Africa, Nkomazi Local Municipality, Glencore, Me Alone Pty Ltd, Siyabuddy Waste Management, Hlayisani Centre of Hope, Mpumalanga Youth Chamber, Balethayha Bricks, University of Venda, Department of Social Development, Mbombela local Municipality,

Through our Partnership with Tshikovha graduates Academy NGO, we assist with job creation for graduates. We also help solicit bursaries for students especially those who cannot get their results. We have also built houses for 3 families and participated in households needs collections with other organizations. We advocate for human development and we collaborate with organizations, business and government to ensure we change the lives of many.

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