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Moudy Mudzielwana

Moudy is an initiative-taking human and climate change advocate. Moudy is a sustainability leader and regenerative business practitioner with over 20 years of environmental and technical consulting experience. He studies Environmental Sciences, Journalism, Communication and completed strategy design and implementation. Moudy works a business environmental advisor, suitability strategist, environmental impacts assessment advisor, and thought leader to drive people and business to outcomes that are radically better for people, the environment and wider society.

Moudy transforms organisations by collaborating with them to dial up their sustainability ambitions and shift their strategy, culture, products, services, and operating models to achieve them. He is a strict, energetic, enthusiastic, and enthusiastic sustainability thought leader motivated by a desire to shift sustainability from ‘doing less harm’ to becoming a source of creativity and possibility for organisations, their employees and the customers and community they serve.

In over a decade of developing and delivering environmental approvals, waste management strategies, climate change adaptation strategy, sustainability strategies, learning and leadership projects he holds a firm belief that technical solutions alone will not achieve the change we need to see we need to inspire, and empower leadership at every level to shift to a regenerative economy. Moudy has an Environmental Science Degree from the University of Venda for Science and technology and has completed certificates in Strategy Development, Strategy implementation and Gibs. Moudy has also completed Business Administration with University of Johannesburg. He has several communication, presentation, and public speaking certificates from Maurice Kerrigan.