Hey, I’m Moudy Ngwedzeni Mudzielwana, An Environmentalist by profession and an Advocate for Human Development. Growing in Rural Areas, it was normal to wake up and face the natural environment without any concern. We would go hunting and get fruits as if they will be there forever.  The  rural  life was just about looking after one  another  and  little dis we know we have accountability  to  look  after  the environment. And when I studied Environmental Sciences at the University of Venda for Science and Technology, a major epiphany hit me in the face like an economic recession. I knew I had to do something. I told myself, never again would I participate in activities that would impact on the natural Environment and I knew I needed to change. I didn’t know what, just that I needed to change everything – including communities from doing what was natural life.

I started with the one thing I could do, and that was the Formation of Tshikovha Environmental and Communication Consulting to assist with implementation for the National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998 and other Environmental Management Acts through ensuring any company or individual that intends doing any project or service which is listed in the environmental legislations can access Environmental Assessment  Practitioner  that  is  able to collaborate towards environmental compliance and apply for the Environmental Authorization.
May purpose is to help people find reasons to comply with environmental legislations and help graduates and entrepreneurs find the best versions of themselves to participate in the mainstream economy and live reasonable life. It is my goal to have graduates invent jobs than looking for them. The aim is to connect with corporate business, government, community members and mining houses every day, help them comply with the environment and make the environment to be in the forefront of their values

The curiosity to understand what goes into business whilst working for various companies assisted me to become an ardent Entrepreneur. The company became a hub for graduate’s integration and development and that taught me human development in all aspects. In 2016, I registered Tshikovha Green and Climate Change Advocates Pty Ltd which incorporates greening and sustainability into environmental management.

My personal social mission to address environmental challenges in a manner that can create jobs, alleviate poverty, integrate graduates and create opportunities for entrepreneurs. Through the NGO, Tshikovha Graduates Academy, I have managed to create over 100 sustainable jobs in community development programmes especially the environmental related projects. The aim is to ensure communities can identify programmes in agriculture, environment, conservation and education to sustain themselves and we provide guidance and support with our qualified graduates.
Moudy is a passionate Environmentalist who spent over 15 years in the Environmental Industry doing Environmental Studies to assist companies, government and private institution to comply with Environmental Legislations in South Africa. Moudy is a qualified Environmentalist from the University of Venda for Science and Technology which was accomplished in 2001. His love for education has seen him complete several courses in various institution such Gibbs (strategy design and Strategy Implementation). University    of North Waste (Environmental Impact Assessment and integrated Waste Management Plan), Singularity University (executive programme), Maurice Kerrigan (Communication, Presentation, Negotiation skills, Technical Report Writing), IAJ (Creative Writing, Reputation Management) and other short courses.

Moudy is the Director of Tshikovha Green and Climate Change Advocates (Pty), Ltd (An Environmental Strategic Studies company, Tshikovha Times (an online newspaper), Tshikovha Environmental (an Environmental Consulting firm. He is the Chairperson of the School of Environmental Science Alumni Chapter for University of Venda, He has served at Environmental Appeal Board for Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, He is 2015 Entrepreneur of the year at Tshwane Small Business Awards. He was a mentor on Woman in Water Mentorship programme and he is a Singularity South Africa Alumni.

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