Most of the businesses, investors and government department and municipalities services are often delayed due to the requirements of Environmental Authorization. They do not get their heads over the Environmental processes to get approval for their prospective developments and services. We understand the frustration of having to get budgets approved and all is set for a project only to be told that there is an Environmental process that has been overlooked. The impact is not only devastating in funding commitments but reputational as expectations are often affected.

Any possible delay can be avoided. Tshikovha Green and Climate Change Advocates Pty Ltd exist to provide guidance on environmental requirements. When roped during project prospecting and planning, we are able to offer guidance on environmental requirements that are applicable to the project and provide a plan that is able to achieve an Environmental Authorization.

We provide a plan to conduct necessary environmental studies so our customers can be able to achieve Environmental Approvals. We conduct Basic Assessment and Scoping Impact Assessment to apply for Mining Rights, Mining permits, Housing Development, Waste Plants/Recycling, filling stations, faming projects and any other activities listed in National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998 and Waste Management Act 58 of 2008 as amended. We also apply for Water Use Licences. 

We coordinate all specialists’studies that will ensure successful application of environmental approvals. Unlike other entities, we provide comprehensive details of requirements for you to consider which helps with budgeting and avoiding scope creeping which often caused delays.

We have a team of diverse qualified and experienced Environmentalist registered with relevant environmental bodies and comply with code of ethics. We do not only get approvals but offers Auditing and Monitoring for compliance and submit annual/biannual and quarterly.

We have developed a dedicated team that is able to provide our customers with successful application for Environmental Approvals so that their developments can commence within environmental compliance. You can choose to work with competent company that is able to give you peace of mind about your environmental approvals


Moudy Mudzielwana

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