Dear Entrepreneurs

Dear Entrepreneurs
You are probably thinking it is December and most of clients are winding down so you may as well sleep and not go to the office or pursue your plans for the day. I bet you sleeping is great and feels good because it feels like resting. Unfortunately resting is for those who have been doing something that matters to them. No one rest without reminiscing about the action they were involved in unless its regrettable.

I would to encourage everyone who is working on business to reflect in the year and identify what worked and what did not work. When companies have year end party, mainly it is only those that do not understand the business operational model whose focus is on production that celebrate year end because they want to have time where they are not controlled by system that wants them at work and releases them when it is time. The leaders celebrate stability and achievements and already planning for the year.

As you end your company year, remember to plan for the next year and make all employees know who things will start next year and be honest with current year results and what it means to business. If the business made loss be honest. Do not celebrate in shame knowing you lying to yourself.

Lastly, if paid by clients and have subcontractors or sub consultants please do yourself a favour, pay them before you go anywhere. If money is not yours, do not use it. If you are not paid, let them know. Whether angry or not they will understand your ethics. That goes to employees and rentals. Do not go on holiday to fake things are working. You can stick to your drink and still be around next year.

2019 was a tough economic year and having spent few years in business, I know the pressure of wanting to show off we have arrived in money environment knowing it’s all in the emotions. Instant gratification has visited almost everyone in business and can never be sustainable. We are getting emails, inboxes and letters for donations for many things in this holidays, please do not feel obligated to give when you do not have surplus. The best donation you can have is to pay your Bill’s ahead of long January than donate your pride away.

Think through this without feeling like you are being warned. It is an advise from someone who do not wish to see entrepreneurs and business owners make mistakes he did 10 years ago only to face same challenges. There should be some sort of leverage from previous generations experiences in business.

Your journey must be about what you have become and why you do what you do.

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