Chances are that you are reading my messages frustrated with Eskom load shedding, the rain and economic situation in the country. You wake up to read all negative analysis and all sorts of issues that seem problematic and political game does not seem to be gaining any traction. Yes, it is acceptable you are frustrated.

I started the year on sombrero mood when I lost close friends and I took time away from my day to day passion and even today my thoughts. I have had friends and audience calling for me to write a book and I have deeply considered that on a serious note. The book will come late in 2020. I realised if I was to just respond to call for the book, I may release just a book with no context. I want to give you quality thought provoking views of my 40 years of life yet strictly within context career.

It has been great meeting new people and pioneering job opportunities for graduates as I always do and 2019 only, I believe I had an encounter with over 40 graduates working with me and some just interact. Some get new jobs and some form own companies. That is my story of life. I have seen emerging entrepreneurs and I am proud to see progress on many and disappointed that we still do not have enough business centers that entrepreneurs can spend time doing business and learning from each other. The incubation environment is one scarce environment we need.

I met new clients and created new market niche in recycling of waste. I am proud I made strides and I will be able to absorb over 100 people in jobs and entrepreneurship. Some of students were getting despondent and desperate for opportunities. I do not do things I do not plan. It is coming. Entrepreneurs do get desperate and anxious which is not great attitude if one need help but one understand the background and circumstances

I have deliberately skipped 2019 Tshikovha Graduates and Entrepreneurs Empowerment Conference because we want to launch programmes that will deliver our graduates in Tshikovha Graduates Academy database to the promised land. We did not want to become a talk show but be realistic for what we do.

Guys mentorship and having great team with professional personality around will help you climb the ladder. I thank my mentor Carolyne A. Opinde. I am not an easy student but she does have the ability to tone me to right mood. Noleen Thompson. What can I do without you? Lady behind our social media. Joe-Joseph Mudau Worldchanger. You know what I mean when I say it is not happening. Rendani Tshiwalule. You know when I need some kick. Who can work without a team? My legal brains Khuliso Sigama Adv Marcus Tshivhase, Andisa Vhonani Rerani, Nedoboni Ndivhuwo Friends of Tshikovha led by Mushabi Mabogo.

We worked hard in Mpumalanga to empower other businesses and collaborated with other leaders in Dumi Mnisi Nda Robbers Hlayisani Muhari and we will continue to do recycling with Siyabonga Black Excellence Tshabalala. What would be Tshikovha without media partners in led by Rendani Sikhwivhilu. Our branding would not make sense without Khuthadzo Netshiavha and my personal brand remain loyal to A Brand called you through Tshilidzi Nelwalani. logistics head Chume Tshindane. Phesheya Shungube thank you. Moral support Mpho Ndiene Raphulu Maano ResuscitationCoach Ramadwa Charles Ngobeni Augustine Nethononda Azizipho Ntsenge Luen Mic Mann Shayne Mann of SingularityU South Africa. Rodney Ramagalela andmany of my friends that we speak beyond public. Life has never been easier 2019. We can never fail to acknowledge what God gave us.

When you have stability behind your efforts through family and friends that makes sense of what you doing, it becomes easier. It is worth to appreciate most special media friends who have made it the year it has been through engagements and critics that add value. You are all here because our relationship is of value and yes, we are United in making life easier. I ended up with clients I need than anything that looks like opportunity because of wisdom I read from many of you. Make no mistake, business life can be lonely and we do need each other. We need more of you Themba Nkuna Dineo Molokoane and Kibiti Ntshumaelo

Team Tshikovha of Tracy Nkwashu, Mukovhe Nemavhola, Sinhle Madhlopha, Marvin Gabara, Tshinanga Razwiedani, Dineo Pilane, Belinda Kolokoto, Ndivhuo Mudzielwana, Sipokazi Mbomvu, Phathu Mudau, Arnold Mashamba and those that got opportunities elsewhere. I salute you all and I cannot ignore those who are always at hand to add value. We have the future together. We completed Mentorship program on Enterprise Development University of South Africa after we completed one at University of Johannesburg and we are now accepted at Raizcorp.

The aim has always been to build an Environmental Company that is able to facilitate Environmental Applications within legal framework and support clients to comply with legislations and that cannot happen without a culture of discipline and we lead that through ethics and morals in applying ourselves. 15 years in business takes a lot from someone. Alone I would be stuck.

After 15 years in business helping over 250 graduates to find jobs and doing work for over 50 clients, helping over 60 entrepreneurs I firmly believe we are human before our careers. I know some are still coming and some are scared to approach and engage about business but I know how hard it is to start business and approaching people for assistance. I worked hard to create the Brand Tshikovha to be a national brand and it started with refusal to compete. I worked hard to collaborate with people I did not know and I refuse to be emotional even when it is tough.

I am an Environmentalist by profession specialising in Waste Management, Environmental Impact Studies, Remediation of contaminated sites who believes in advocating for Environmental Compliance and No Compromise. I have worked in journalism environment and Business Management yet I want to believe I can only do what I believe I want and I stand for.

Having built several successful businesses in Tshikovha Environmental and Communications Consulting, Tshikovha Green and Climate Change Advocates Pty Ltd and Tshikovha Times, I have invested time in leading Tshikovha Graduates Academy, a national NGO aimed at addressing graduates employment and entrepreneurship through solving community Environmental challenges by adopting United Nation Sustainable Development Goals and Grand Global Challenges locally and align to National Development Plan.

In 2019 I managed to do Executive Programme at Singularity University and Stategy design and Implementation at Gibs. Struggles for MBA at Regenesys continues. I do not ignore small courses such as Art of Storytelling, Creative writing, Investigative Journalism, Business Branding and many. We live to learn and Leadership training always mean more than anything.

Money and Power do not mean anything if they are not helping the poor. The journey is not about Moudy Ngwedzeni Mudzielwana but the legacy that I am prepared to share with everyone in my environment.

We are human before our careers and we can change the life of next person my conversations we have. 2019 has come and gone and as we approach holidays, let us think of what we mean to our communities. Life we want to live with them must create a message that resonate with the future we want for those in our communities. I can never emphasize the need to avoid alcoholism and lack of morals in front of kids and youth we seek to inspire.

I exist to help others find their path in life and be able to represent the best version of themselves in their space. I do not compete but Co-Opt skills. Let's talk in our space


Moudy Mudzielwana


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