Entrepreneurship is considered the alternative to finding a job. We think it is a fall-back opportunity when all that we aspired to become has failed. We start businesses out of frustration of not getting jobs, sometimes we want to eliminate Boss, we want to create philosophy or we want to make more money and live good life.

When we get into the Bush to hunt, we must define what we are hunting unlike those days where instead of getting impala we will kill a baboon and forget we were actually looking for food than anything.

Our challenge in our entrepreneurship journey is lack of mentoring and guidance to build desire to define what we want to do and sell. We spend time prospecting everything possible wasting valuable time. We hardly understand what is key to business. We spend time as technicians who cannot manage tasks, become managers who cannot lead business and by the time we are entrepreneurs who are leaders, we have dented the business and messed relationships we needed

Our young people needs idols. We need to to feed them with information that equip them to lead business models that are sustainable. Entrepreneurs cannot be everything in business. Delegate things you have no speciality in. Find what you good at and do it well. Talk about what you do often so you can learn to tell in a minute without thinking. Know you value and start asking yourself what you lose doing things that waste your time that you could be productive elsewhere. Always remember business is not only million dollar business but process of making income whilst doing what your customers has delegated to you. They will eventually find someone who does same thing as you but maybe more committed

Business environment can be very hurtful and you may feel like quitting. It is all part of the game. There are no better people in doing business, privilege is just positioning. If people around you spend time doing what does not your quest for business, think where you spending time. Sometimes you need help and thing people do not want to help you and they just cannot tell you they are facing their own challenges. Do not spend too much time away from your hunting ground. Nothing is sad than thinking you should have brought your hunting rifle when the prey has ran away. It happens when you leave your business cards and profiles and you meet someone you needed to exchange details.

Business do not always offer second chance to explain.

It does get tougher.

Moudy Ngwedzeni Mudzielwana

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