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As the country is shifting towards just transition, we are the platform for change and we lead environmental commitment towards sustainability. Our vision is to connect our clients with their dreams. Our purpose is to make an impact that matters. This, together with our shared values, give us the foundation for who we are and what we do at Tshikovha Green and Climate Change Advocates Pty Ltd

The company exist to support business to implement projects and operate within environmental standards. Over the years we have met various businesses who needed to establish projects and environmental approvals were needed. We conducted environmental studies and applied for environmental approvals and receive positive approvals.

We have assisted mining houses, government, private entities to get licence to operate and we have helped with environmental compliance monitoring with a vision to improve their environmental reputation. We work with businesses and entities that place environmental compliance in the forefront of their values.

When faced with challenges of environmental compliance, we are a one stop environmental advisory consulting firm with expertise and experience to assist you.

We will show you Better is Possible through collaboration.

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Tshikovha app was launched based on the Tshikovha Times online digital news channel that believes that through communication and awareness on environmental issues change will happen. Tshikovha Times was formed in 2016 to be the voice of environmental news and a platform that engages on present and future of environmental issues. We value the environment and as an online news channel we make informed decisions based on our knowledge about the environment. The environment is in essence a key force that is able to sustain all living organisms on earth.

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Our Brand Reputation gives us competitive
advantage in the industry.


Our Brand Reputation gives us access to
market. We deliver value


High Employee Turnover and Over Reliance on the Director


Resourceful Personnel, tools ,
Equipment and Industry Knowledge

We are a specialist Environmental Problem-solving company which assist clients with applications for Environmental Authorizations, Waste Licences, Mining Permits and Rights.

We offers services that are aimed at influencing Environmental compliance throughout client’s business value chain.

We plan to Increase Turnover by 20% (R4m).... To achieve our goals we are targeting R1m per Quarter..

    • EIA20%
    • AUDITS20%
    • MINING60%

    Environmental Assessment Practitioner

    Thabelo Malada

    BSc Honours in Environmental Management

    Environmental Assessment Practitioner

    Masha Magoro

    BSc. in Biodiversity and Conservation

    Environmental Assessment Practitioner Intern

    Sydney Nekhumbe

    BSc. Environmental Sciences

    Environmental Assessment Practitioner Intern

    Lusani Mulaudzi

    BSc in Environmental Sciences Honours

    Tshikovha Green & Climate Advocates (PTY)LTD

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    involve us in your development

    We acknowledge the government wish to accelerate development and creation of sustainable jobs and we believe our collaborative approach offers opportunity to investors, government, companies and anyone planning a development to involve us throughout the business value chain.

    Our services ranges from advisory, consulting, monitoring and implementation on environmental requirements at different stages of projects

    Our clients

    • We where happy to work with Tshikovha Green & Climate Advocates, the team is very attentive, focused and are quick on delivering.
      Department on forestry
    • We where happy to work with Tshikovha Green & Climate Advocates, the team is very attentive, focused and are quick on delivering.
      SA National Parks
    • We where happy to work with Tshikovha Green & Climate Advocates, the team is very attentive, focused and are quick on delivering.
      Ikomati Usuthu

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